Style Guide #2

A Look For All Occasions

Chinese New Year can be intense. You gotta go to dinners, open houses, parties… and you’re supposed to look fresh for all of them! So what you need are clothes that are versatile, comfortable and stylish. And you’ll need a guide on how to create your own unique looks using these clothes. Scroll down to get all of that, right now.



Attending Your
Boss’ Open House

Earn bonus points with your line manager by making a (classy) fashion statement when you arrive. You can never go wrong with an Oxford Shirt in blue, but this one is always right thanks to its Supreme Flex™ features.

This shirt is all about versatility. Roll up your sleeves and don’t tuck it in for a casual setting. Tuck it back in, put on a nice belt, and you’re ready for a management meeting.
Look closely, and you’ll notice that these khakis feature a subtle pattern. It tells people (like your boss) that you’re detail-oriented.
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Shirt ► 36184-0001
Oxford Shirt with Supreme Flex™ ► Fitted
Delft // S$69.90
Khakis ► 36272-0039
Workday Khaki with Smart 360 Flex™ ► Slim Fit
Earth Taupe // S$129.90


Chaperoning Your
Kids’ Pool Party

In charge of your children’s play-date? Be the cool, authoritative dad by wearing an Ultimate Shirt in a playful colourway together with a pair of chino shorts. It’s a fun look that still looks like you mean business.

Shirts aren’t just for the office anymore. Our brand-new Ultimate Shirts with Smart 360 Flex™ means they’ll be just as great at the beach as it will be in the boardroom.
Flip-flops? Not for a dapper gent like you. Put on a pair of boat shoes with your shirt and chino shorts for a look that’s both elegant and relaxed.
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Shirt ► 86167-0001
Ultimate Button-up Short-sleeved Shirt
with Smart 360 Flex™
Sargasso Sea // S$59.90
Shorts ► 85868-0000
Ultimate Short with Supreme Flex™
► Straight Fit
New British Khaki // S$59.90


Buying More
Drinks & Snacks

So your open house is going well. Everybody is having a great time, but your fridge is running low on supplies! Stay cool, comfortable and classic during your walk to the grocery store in a pair of dark shorts matched with a Dockers® Logo Tee in white.

For a timelessly stylish look, ensure your T-shirt fits perfectly: shoulder hems sitting on your shoulders; sleeves ending at your biceps’ mid-point; and waist hem sitting just below your shorts’ buckle.
Complete your athletic look with a refined baseball cap. And why not pick one that’s seasonally appropriate like this?
T-Shirt ► 27406-0065
Alpha Graphic Tee
Egret with Gray Print // S$39.90
Shorts ► 69810-0006
Standard Original Khaki Shorts
Pembroke // (price unavailable)
Cap ► 74728-0005
Cotton Baseball Cap
Marsalla // (See store for details)


Flying Away
From The Crowds

Maybe you’re trying something new this year: going somewhere with no lion dances, no ang pows, and no oranges. No matter where you go, be ready for any kind of adventure with a crisp polo tee worn with an equally sharp pair of khakis.

Our brand-new Polo Tees feature Smart 360 Flex™ technology, which prevents its collar from going out of shape after several washes and helps you look great.
Travel worry-free by keeping your essentials in your Hidden Security Pockets. Remember to empty them at security, though.
POLO ► 86160-0016
Casual Polo Tee with Smart 360 Flex™
Mecca Orange // S$49.90
CHINOS ► 75763-0020
Ultimate Chinos with Smart 360 Flex™ ► Skinny Fit
Burma Grey // S$129.90

Elevate your New Year celebrations.